Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Article on City Weekly

I am honored to be featured in an article on City Weekly. They were intrigued by my "Not a Dime, Just your Time" campaign. Please read more here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Not a Dime, Just your Time!

I am serious, and this may not get me elected but I can assure you that it will gain some attention.I have long thought that there is too much money in the political process and that there should be some efforts of reform. “… in order to secure and perpetuate the principles of free government.” (Preamble Utah Constitution) Think about it…if I have to spend all of my time raising campaign cash, what time will I have to give to you? I have included my thoughts for legislative action below. What are yours? 
This is my pledge: I will not ask or accept any money for this campaign.
I will not spend any of my own money for this campaign. I will give exactly what I think that every citizen should give and that is my time. This is how it is done:
1. I have stated my objectives up front (see below) and I will be expecting to hear from you.
What are your recommendations for Bills to be proposed to the Legislature?
I need to hear from you. I cannot represent what I do not know.

2. I will send you a weekly campaign message and if elected, legislative updates.
3. If you can support me as your Representative then I only ask that you share your endorsement and my message with your friends and neighbors in District 52. (Email, phone, etc.)
4. The only way to truly represent the people is to involve the people. You must VOTE and encourage others to do the same. In order to show your support at the convention you must contact your County Delegate. They represent you and me as citizens, not me the candidate.

Michelle Facer Baguley Previous Service and Experience: Herriman City Incorporator…1999

Herriman City Council Member… 2001-2009
Integrated Emergency Management Earthquake and Response Certified
Land Use Leadership Alliance Training Program Graduate
Utah Transit Authority Board of Trustee’s, Vice Chair…2004- Present
Herriman Town Days Chair…1994-1999
Grant Administrator/Herriman Residents for Responsible Reclamation…1997-2004
Director of Activities/Bee Hive Homes of West Jordan, Inc….2010-Present
I offer this only to demonstrate my love of service , my commitment to community and my quest to preserve our Constitutional blessings: 

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and to our Posterity, do ordain and establish this the Constitution for the United States of America.” ~ Preamble of The Constitution of the United States

“…it’s only keepers, the people.” GEORGE WASHINGTON

“Grateful to Almighty God for life and liberty, we, the people of Utah, in order to secure and perpetuate the principles of free government, do ordain and establish this CONSTITUTION.” 
~ Preamble Utah Constitution

Background checks:  My proposal is not meant to point a finger or to make any accusations. However, I have a concern based on first hand experience that there is an inherent flaw in a system that requires background checks for Teachers, Health Providers, Transportation Workers, etc. but neglects to insist on the same for Elected Officials. We the public place our trust and offer our vote for folks who are sometime less than forthright in their dealings with their fellow man. I would propose, probably with some pushback, that all candidates for elected office would submit themselves to a short background check. I don’t want to know if you changed your underwear this morning but I do care if you abuse your spouse or cheat your neighbor. The fiscal note on this bill should be nil as the candidate could pay for the cost for the service at the time of filing. This would also eliminate some negative campaign issues. If the dirt is already on the floor, then the public can decide whether to sweep it aside or to mop it up.
What are your thoughts?

Medicare/Medicaid  I applaud the States efforts to better manage Medicare and Medicaid and to bring greater emphasis to States Rights. However, I think that we should closely monitor the unintended consequences. With a quickly aging Baby Boomer Population, this benefit that we have all paid for could become lost in the boondoggle of politics.
What are your thoughts?

Community Support/Involvement/Attendance  The pledge I make to you is the same as I am asking of you. Get involved! I will be an active member of my community and the communities that I represent. I will attend meetings, serve at events and maintain a working relationship with your municipally elected officials.
I would ask that you give the same effort on your part. I can best represent you when I know your thoughts.
My home number is yours: 801-254-4921. If you miss me, please leave a message. I will return your call.
Please share my email address with others
Please feel free to call, email or stop by my home to discuss the issues that concern you.
What are your thoughts?

Local tools  Just as the State of Utah wishes to have greater autonomy and control of its destiny so should the same be granted to municipalities. Too often, we legislate instead of empowering our cities and thus our citizens.
I believe that the best government is the government closest to the people and the closest government that you can get outside the walls of your own home is your city.
States Rights and Municipal Powers
These two issues should go hand in hand. As we seek to undo the Federal Ties that often bind instead of empower, we too, should evaluate what the State can do to enable the people at the municipal level. What are your thoughts?

My email address dedicated to you and your political views:

Standards for Elected Officials

I have often thought that elected officials should be held to same standard that we require of our educators, health care providers, transportaion officials, etc. I am considering proposing legislation that would consider requiring Background checks of candidates at the time they file for office?
What do you think?