Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Issues

Please consider some of the issues that have risen to the top in my conversations with the Delegates of District 52:

Immigration is a big issue and although it is not a States Right issue it is a Peoples rights issue.
I am hearing that we should eliminate entitlements entirely. And that the law of the land should be obeyed and enforced.

What do you think?

Schools and the administration of them is an issue. Teachers are feeling like they are on the chopping block.
Education has been discussed in every instance. Looking for a better way to fund them perhaps through corporate sponsorship was one suggestion. Most voices are supporting school choice. Some are loyal to the Public school concept.

What are your thoughts?

There has been a discussion about empowering the people by providing more local option tools for revenue development and how to use the portion of sales tax that may or may not be collected. Many feel this should be an issue dependent upon a vote of the people.

What do you think?

The Delegates I met with last night agree that the Utah Caucus system should be protected. The belief is that this brings Government to the People.

What do you think?

Grass Roots

I believe that Government by the People is best accomplished at the Grass Roots level.
So often we view this concept from the bottom up.
I see it from the top down. Government is given it's powers by the People, not the other way around.
As a candidate for The Utah House of Representatives District 52, I recognize that the People are my reason for serving. I look forward to serving you and your interests in whatever capacity I find myself and encourage your participation in the process.

This page is dedicated to you and your issues. There is only one rule.

1. Please contribute your thoughts and suggestions in a respectful manner.

Let's start with two of the issues that have been raised by the  Delegates of District 52...

How do you feel about Governments Role in the Education of our Children?

What level of Government should provide essential services and what do you consider essential?